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December 2017

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Objectives and Scope

MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy has been established with the objective of promoting Indian Classical Music and Dance in their purest form. We channelize our efforts to project Indian Culture, Traditions and Philosophy in their truest beauty before the world. Indian Classical Music and Dance have their origins in the pre-Vedic times and have retained their original form despite the passage of time.  While a lot of young minds nurture a special interest in attaining mastery in Indian Classical Music and Dance through professional courses, there is very scarce number of recognized and reputed institutes offering thorough, comprehensive and completely professional academic programmes in this field. This is where MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy has struck a chord with the young people passionate about Indian Classical Music and Dance and ready to convert their passion into profession, and take the glorious culture and heritage of India on a global platform. MITADTU-VSKA looks forward to help students not just with academic programmes, but also with great career opportunities in this arena. Classes are taken by established and internationally recognized Indian Classical musicians and dancers.


MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy offers extensive courses on various styles and forms of Indian Classical Music and Dance, including Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kathak and pure Hindustani Classical Music. Our music study programmes also include courses on learning different types of instruments like, Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Santoor, Flute, Harmonium and more.

Our courses are unique in the way that we aim to provide our students with the true essence of Indian Classical Music and Dance, and introduce them to the purity of the different forms and styles. Along with regular classes, we arrange guest lectures, workshops and internal contests with the noble purpose of increasing the knowledge base and honing the skills of students, and also to promote healthy competition amongst them.

Students can learn amidst an amiable and pleasant ambience with all the necessary equipment, accessories and props at world-class facilities.


Indian Classical Music and Dance Graduates have outstanding prospects upon the completion of the course.  Indian Classical Music and Dance has become a major force to reckon with on the Global and World Music scenario in the last few decades. It has produced several Grammy award winners, bringing pride and glory to our country. Many Hollywood productions are making Indian Classical Music an integral part of their music score. There are Indian classical musicians participating regularly in almost all the major music festivals and conferences around the world. There is also a tremendous scope for the music graduates to work as Teachers, Gurus or Musicologists in several music academies/colleges/universities not just in India, but also abroad. They can also open their own academies after attaining a certain stature by relentless pursuit of their art. They will be recognized as professional performing artistes and scholars being equipped with a prestigious degree in Indian Classical Music and Dance like the one MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy has  to offer. If you are an Indian Classical Music and Dance lover and looking for an ultimate platform to prepare for shining in this field, MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy is here to help you. Embrace the beautiful culture and heritage of India. Learn its purest forms and styles in a spacious and state-of-the—art facility.

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