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Established in the year 2015 by Executive Director Mr. Rahul V. Karad, MIT School of Film & Television is committed to create and nurture the finest film professionals in the country. The degree and diploma courses on Film and Television have an optimal blend of traditional filmmaking aesthetics as well as practical knowledge, with considerable industry exposure, and hands-on training powered by evolving technology. Students can specialize to be a Film Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer, or a Screen Play Writer as per their skills and interests. MAEER's MIT Group of Institutions, Pune has nurtured Rajbaug as a centre for excellence in learning, with world-class educational institutes offering different disciplines being established  in this serene location. For MITSFT students, this is an incredible opportunity to learn  and network with learners from  around the world on a plush 125-acre campus spread across the stunning outdoor locations of Rajbaug on the banks of the river Mula-Mutha, where the legend Raj Kapoor conceptualized, planned, wrote and shot his illustrious films. MIT-SFT offers world-class in house production facilities:

  • Digital film technology from companies such as Apple, Adobe, and Sony;
  • Collaboration with Global Campus Network- Canada’s most prestigious media program at Ryerson University.

Our Objective & Course Outline:-

  • As one of the top universities in Pune imparting a wide range of extensive courses on Film-making and Television, we are dedicated to steer our students to the best training on film direction and production. This is not all MIT School of Film & Television has to offer to the young minds passionate about film-making. Along with international-standard training on direction and production, students will be imparted hands-on knowledge on Scheduling & Budgeting.

We constantly work towards honing the skills of the learners, elevating their confidence level, appreciating their progress, and help them increase their knowledge base. In order to achieve all of these, we regularly

  • Arrange guest lectures
  • Organize field trips and film screenings
  • Conduct workshops

Apart from that, students are motivated to devote sufficient time everyday to self-study and analysis.

To make the entire learning process more flexible, detailed and engaging, we have divided the courses into several modules. Students will be provided practical training on each and every realm of film production, including scripting, editing, sound mixing, Cinematography and more. They will feel motivated to learn at our fully-equipped studios having all the essential accessories and props of cutting-edge quality.

At MIT School of Film & Television, we motivate students to work independently. This adds to the confidence of the learners and sharpens their creative instinct. Apart from skills, confidence is the key to success in every field. In film-making, it is the best blend of creativity and confidence that is able to reach the acme of success. Our prime objective is to develop the remarkable combination of these two qualities in the students. Our courses are designed around this idea. 

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