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February 2018

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MIT School of Vedic Sciences

   MIT School of Vedic Sciences

MIT School of Vedic Sciences


MAEER’s MIT Art, Design & Technology University, Rajbaug, Pune has launched a new Maharshi Veda Vyas MIT School of Vedic Sciences to equip youth with the wisdom and skills embodied in the Indic Scientific Tradition. Through this program, we aim to prepare a new generation of creative individuals trained in India’s rich scientific discipline who can blend its wisdom with contemporary knowledge and apply both innovatively for a glorious future.


The word ‘Veda’ itself denotes knowledge in its widest sense.

For millennia, India has had its own native educational methodology that is firmly rooted in the scientific tenets of rigorous analysis, logic, experiential validation and repeatability. Vedas form the base of its unique Knowledge culture, but it has accommodated several regional indigenous disciplines over time.


Ayurveda and Yoga are fruits of the Vedic system that are highly valued and popular today. However, it is lesser known that at their base lies a firm theoretical foundation of deep, holistic study of Nature, Human psychology, and of Knowledge itself, its means (observation), methods (logic and language) and validation (experimentation). In addition, there is a vast, unexplored body of human experience preserved in India over millennia as manuscripts and tribal knowledge in the areas of ecology, nature-friendly agriculture, technology, humanities, wellness and aesthetics.

By Vedic Sciences, we refer to this collective body of India’s native knowledge base, and not merely its religious aspect as commonly understood.


Why Vedic Sciences Now:

We believe that the time is ripe for a rigorous, professional study of Vedic sciences by the younger generation, for the following reasons:

  • Get a Solid Foundation for the Wellness Profession: World is looking for alternate holistic approaches to augment modern science for pursuing wellness and life management. In fact, this is the reason behind the huge popularity of Yoga. There will be a rising demand for professionals who not only provide consultancy in these areas, but also are capable of further research. A solid foundation in Vedic sciences is a prerequisite to fill that gap. Mere Yoga certification is not enough to differentiate oneself in the emerging world.
  • Use Latest Technology to Mine Indic Knowledge: Computing Technology has recently matured enough to apply to codifying and mining India’s rich knowledge base (5 million manuscripts known to date). The precise knowledge exposition methodologies adopted in Indic texts coupled with the Samskrit-like structure of Indian languages makes them more amenable to machine-processing than English texts. Big data analytics, document databases, knowledge mining, scale-out computing are valuable tools for this. Study of how to apply them for encoding, mining and visualizing Vedic scientific knowledge will yield professional experience in both fields at once.
  • Complement Modern Science for Innovation: To the modern seeker steeped in contemporary education, the Vedic methodology offers a very different perspective and data points that expand the horizon in his/her field of study. There are dozens of examples of better cures for contemporary illnesses, eco-friendly metallurgical and agricultural methods, and unique insights into social organization, leadership and conflict management. We believe they open up new opportunities for entrepreneurship as well as multi-disciplinary research.

The school offers formal foundation in Vedic sciences to equip modern minds for these opportunities.

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