• mit university alumni akshay
  • Akshay Dhamapurkar

    Industrial Designer

    What I like about the MIT group is that, according to the current Industry trends, the curriculum changes and keeps getting updated. The faculty too is always helpful in guiding the students. Apart from this, the MIT group also has an active student panel. The group of institute’s also conducts regular guest lectures, has excellent library facilities and dedicated placement departments. The hostel facilities too are also really decent and up our expectations.

  • mit university alumni
  • Sayali Mahajan

    Product Designer

    I feel the facilities and the faculty at the MIT group of institutes are very good and the syllabus too is updated to current market scenarios. Also, the MIT group of institutes has a good placement record, hiring students in leading companies. The guidance given by the faculty members also helped me to gain the required knowledge and skills as per the Industry standards.

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  • Vibhor Sharma

    It was a life turning decision for us to join MIT group for our post-graduation, as few of us had to quit our well settled job’s. But here, we got an excellent exposure under the guidance of eminent faculties, which turned our decision to be right. After completing our course with MIT group, we realized that getting a good job in OEMs is not the only career option in life, rather it’s how you serve for the welfare of environment, society and people. Saying this, a few of us decided to join the MIT group as faculties and share our knowledge and experience with the students and guide them to set new career path."

  • mit university alumni
  • Aniket Sase

    Product Designer

    The experience at MIT Group has been a very memorable one. The group of institutes has been known to help students to learn and grow as professional. Students have learnt a lot in the years of their course. The faculty team is generally known to guide students along the way. Without the guidance of the faculties, it wouldn't have been possible for students to succeed. I am happy that I took this decision to join the MIT Group.

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  • Ajinkya Anil Bande

    Technical Manager

    Do you think 5minutes motivation talks given by Me before start of the lecture are useful in your life? YES

    Yes It was very useful indeed!!! I always had faith in what my professors taught and/or gave me in terms knowledge and their experience. I do believe that it is very important to be morally strong whilst equally it is important to find somebody who will do it in a right way and with so much passion and I think Pathan Sir you did a brilliant job of delivering it to us.

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  • Amarsinh Udaysinh Pardeshi

    Technical Officer (Import division)

    My decision to study in MIT College of Food Technology has been very fruitful and wonderful. Expert faculties, good infrastructure and facilities for effective learning and to develop skills.

    “Shaping minds, molding dreams and building careers” – that’s absolutely what MITCFT is all about. Ever since I became a part of MITCFT it’s been a wonderful experience. MIT has set a milestone by launching Food Technology to explore the world of Food Technology and processing knowledge.

  • mit university alumni
  • Sachin Ankushrao Chavan


    Ideal institute for Food Tech in Maharashtra
    Best educational institute which makes me technically n professionally sound.

  • mit university alumni
  • Anantrao Nayabrao Sirsat

    Production Executive 

    MIT CFT is very famous college in all over Maharashtra.
    I am very lucky that I got admission in this college and successfully completed my graduation in this college. Climate of this college is very Inspirable and motivational.

  • Alumni of MIT ADTU
  • Sanket Urade

    MIT College of Food Technology educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. MIT-CFT has been a "Home away from Home" for me. The friendly attitude of the staff and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the MIT-CFT family."

  • mit university alumni
  • Amit Ramesh Chetty

    Marketing and operations analyst

    Learnt leadership skills, thorough industrial knowledge

  • mit university alumni
  • Omkar More

    The faculty and staff at this institution are amazingly talented and provided real world experiences. The education and experience that I gained from MITID allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding transition to start my career in design with a one of the best organisation globally. 

  • mit university alumni
  • Kashyap Josyula

    My 2.5 years of learning at MIT Institute of design was indeed a fruitful experience. I developed my skills and interests in various fields of Transportation design. The learning and continuous support from the faculty members has contributed greatly to my professional career and has helped me start my career with a world-class organization like Honda.

  • mit university alumni
  • Sounak Purkayastha

    MITID provided me the much needed platform to start my career with one of the best automotive companies globally. The training and guidance by the faculty members helped me gain the required knowledge and skills during the program. I'm glad to be part of the MITID family.

  • mit university alumni
  • Apurva Kochargaonkar

    My experience at MITID has been amazing. The coursework prepared me to handle real world design challenges. The holistic understanding of Design, problem solving skills and the agility that MITID imbibed in me has helped me become not only a well-trained designer but also a better person

  • mit university alumni
  • Dhwanil Chudgar

    MITID had been a very important part of my life and helped me learn and grow as a design professional. The best thing of being in MITID is the freedom we got to learn, to think, and choose the problems that we can solve.

  • mit university alumni
  • Manu Ambady

    I did a twin- degree program at MITID and University of Northumbria,UK. My graduation project at MITID was about illustrations of street vendors of Mumbai called "Lost In The Crowd" and got featured in various national and global magazines and forums. All these prepared me well for my current role at 22 Feet Tribal Worldwide where I'm working on projects for Fastrack, Cafe Coffee Day, etc.

  • mit university alumni
  • Tapan Aslot

    Animation Designer 

    MITID helped me understand the difference between education and learning. We learned beyond the classroom and books and that is why my learning has never stopped. Over these five years MITID has been instrumental in providing me a great experience. 

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  • Kalra Ayush

    Trainee Marine Engineer

    Those four years of my life have been the most memorable and gave me those moments that will be cherished forever. MANET gave me the best of education, best of friends and the best of discipline. Apart from the eminent faculty, flexible curriculum, the diversity of cadets in terms of socio-economic background, culture, language and religion gives MANETians a unique advantage - the ability to thrive in this fast globalizing economy. Last but not the least, I owe MANET for what I am today and I am happy that I made the right decision to join MANET.

  • mit university alumni
  • Colaso Clinton Melvin

    Trainee Marine Engineer

    I spent memorable 4 years of my life at MANET. I am very thankful to all faculty members, friends and various other people who helped me in shaping my life and motivating me from time to time. Without them I would have been nothing. I was lucky that I was taught by the best professors in the world and I was blessed with the friendship of great friends whom I can never forget in my life. I'm really gonna miss this place m gonna miss my college days.

  • mit university alumni
  • Abhinav Basavarj

    A beautiful and historic campus classmates from different cultures and backgrounds, lecturers with interesting insights into current industry practice and academic thinking, an intimate class-tutor environment, a focus on individual personal development, a team based approach to assignments so essential in business today. Above all else, for me the friendships I have formed with my classmates are priceless and have already paid great dividends. All of these made the PGP a truly stimulating experience and a very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development. 

  • mit university alumni
  • Priyanka Navalkar

    Journalism is field that requires not just theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences. It requires in depth knowledge about current scenarios and this can’t be learn by sitting in classroom and reading journals. MIT-ISBJ, provided me with that platform wherein, I had practical experiences of on- field reporting, editing and anchoring. It helped me nurture my skills and has definitely aided me in shaping a brighter future for myself.

  • mit university alumni
  • Anvita Shrivastava

    I always dreamt of establishing myself as a successful journalist. MIT-ISBJ provided me with a platform to discover my strength. Institute not only focuses on solidification of our theory knowledge but also offer medium to use our skills through practicals, activities and field work. We are privileged to attend lectures by experienced media professionals.

  • mit university alumni
  • Sagarika Kanukollu

    MIT has given me the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I can do, how well I can do and where I can improve with the toolkit to progress. It has given me greater sense of appreciation to how it is to be strategically focused. Adding on to it, it shapes up the value you have, bringing you out as a more confident and better person.

  • mit university alumni
  • Saloni Gupta

    Journalism is a field that requires an in-depth practical knowledge to become successful. MIT-ISBJ provided us with a platform that gave me an opportunity to get practical knowledge about anchoring, on-field reporting, editing and even technical processes. We had the privilege to attend lectures of experienced media professionals. MIT-ISBJ helped me become more confident both in professional as well as personal phase of life.

  • mit university alumni
  • Pallavi Bongane

    Journalism is not about theories,its practical oriented study. MIT-ISBJ is an institution that believes in imparting practical experience more than theory. MIT-ISBJ provide practical knowledge like editing,anchoring,reporting. Apart from daily lectures various workshops,field visit,seminars, and study tours are also conducted as a part of the curriculum.This is institution provide great platform to every student.Institution has given me a platform to work on different projects.MIT-ISBJ has provided me ample opportunities through many events. The equipment used here are also very advanced . MIT-ISBJ provides separate pc to every student for practical. Apart from all this campus serene is very quiet. MIT-ISBJ provides all different activities like river rafting,swimmingable tennis etc.