Our Credit Based System

In MIT ADT University all programs at Undergraduate, Post Graduate as well Ph.D. level are based on the credit based systems. Advantage of credit based system is it allows different weightage to different courses. Once the student has joined to particular degree program he/she will be able to achieve the program objective designed for particular course in which he is willing to seek the admission.

E.g. A Computer engineer who has taken the admission to A credit based system will ensure that at the end of the program, the computer engineer would be competent to design a system or would be able to write a program even for the most complex real life situation or would be able to design the architecture of a network in a large company etc.

The credit based system decides whether the student has acquired the required domain knowledge, does the student is aware of the market situation as well as the competitive global environment. After acquiring complete domain knowledge does the student will be able to handle complex economics considerations under which the Industry operates. Also the credit based system is devised with social, environmental constraints as well as good technical skills to work in a team. The credit based system is devised with a minimum of each component embedded in the system. A typical engineering program will have various components as shown below.

The Advantages:-

  • Bright student can always go for the maximum credits.
  • Students focusing on research and other activities can take less credit.
  • Students get the freedom to choose and identify.
  • Students can translate their innate capabilities to credits and scores
  • Students get the know-how of more than one discipline increasing their horizons.
  • Students can get study aboard opportunities.