Foreign University Collaborations

  • Foreign University Collaborations
  • MIT Institute of Design is committed to provide Education that will add an advantage to its students and will remain for their lives. Our Mission includes,
    • To expose students to Multi-Cultural and Global Environment.
    • To make design profession as Multi-Cultural and not specific.
    • To provide an opportunity to the students to study abroad and experience the excitement of learning and living in a different environment and country.
    • To improve the understanding and acceptance of International Education and collaboration.
    • To provide Global opportunities for students.
    • To provide an exchange of knowledge by working with other professors and multi sectorial research projects and to strengthen the networking between students and universities.
    • List of Universities with whom MITID is having Collaborations.

  • MIT University Collaborations
  • MITID is having collaborations with Hong kong Polytechnic University (, Northumbria university(, Coventary University (, Middlesex University (weissensee school of Art and Design(, University of creative Arts ( from united kingdom, KunsthochscHule, Berlin, Stratecollge(, Politecnico Di Milano Milan (, George Brown College, Canada ( Students can join this either by Twinning Program or Student Exchange Program : A) Twinning Program: Twinning program is basically the exchange of students for a couple of years or semesters with the collaborated institution. In this the existing curricula may be supplemented by the additional curricula of the collaborated universities.

    The joint course structure can be worked out to suit and match the course structure of the corresponding semester. Students will have the opportunity either to complete their studies in India or Abroad. Twinning program for Bachelor’s Degree can be of 2+2 or 3+1 nature and for Post Graduate it can be of 1 + 1 or 1 + 1 ½ nature.

    List of Signed Memorandum of Understanding:-

    Sr. No.

    Name of the University


    Hong Kong Polytechnic University


    North Umbria University


    Conventry University


    Middlesex University


    University of creative Arts, United kingdom


    KunsthochscHule, Berlin Stratecollge


    Politecnico Di Milano Milan


    George Brown College, Canada


    University of  Bridgeport, USA


    Universidad Autonoma De Chiapas, (UNACH), Mexico.


    Lebanese International University, Lebanon.


    Federation University, Australia.


    University of Agriculture, Krakow (Poland)


    University of  Pitesti, Romania


    Universite General Lansana Conte University in Conakry, Guinea, Western Africa.


    IMAT College Group, Sierra Leone, Western Africa.


    IMAT College Group, Sierra Leone, Western Africa.


    Universite General Lansana Conte University in Conakry, Guinea, Western Africa.


    California State University, Fullerton, USA.


    Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.