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  • About Collaboration with Mitsui OSK Lines Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MOLMI)

    MANET also provides space to Mitsui OSK Lines Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MOLMI) for their in-house training program at MOLTC - MANET. Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd., Japan is one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, and adheres to the core group corporate principle of “Promotion and protection of the environment through safe operations and high navigational standards”. MANET believes that, there should always be a healthy relationship between shipping industry and educational institutes. MANET (MOLMI) training centre is one of its kind in Asia. They carry out all necessary training and education of MOL seafarers in accordance with the requirements of STCW Conventions and the MOL Training Plan.

    An MOU was signed between MANET and MOLMI on the 18th September 2006 on“Agreement for Training and seafarers and Recruitment” at MANET, in which MOLMI has agreed to recruit 25 cadets per batch from Engineering and Nautical stream each year. MOLMI has also installed a 360 degree bridge simulator at MOL Training Centre-MANET. The MANET Cadets are trained on their 360 degree bridge simulator to get a feel of actual ship board operations. MANET also provides numerous value added courses, that give our cadets an edge over their other counterparts.

    Through periodic skills-updation for instructors, the use of standardized advanced training equipments, and the use of common curriculums and materials, the training centres are able to consistently produce seafarers of exceptional quality in-house, who will go on to serve in the MOL fleet.

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  • Using a combination of OJT (on the job training) and shore based training, MOL has built the unique and enviable training system used at our centres worldwide. All our centres are able to provide functional training using a wide range of technologically advanced simulators, in addition to real operational experience on board our working vessels.                     
    Training/Evaluation on-board System, a manageable system of seafarer's training and evaluation, was developed by utilizing computer network in-ship and on-land. The exclusive computers containing this system have been installed in ship management companies, manning companies, training centres, and MOL owned fleet vessels.

    In addition, the MOL training vessel 'SPIRIT OF MOL', which was launched in July, 2007, offers cadets the opportunity to train on-board. One of the key aims of the vessel training program is to instill in cadets a thorough understanding of MOL navigational safety policies through practical application on a real vessel, while under supervision.

    Training/Evaluation On-board System includes software of CBT (Computer Based Training) which enables seafarers to continue their training irrespective of whether on-board or on leave, giving them a greater degree of flexibility in carrying out their studies, and MOL Rank STEP (Rank Skill Training and Evaluation Program) which is our training program for career advancement, covering all MOL officers on-board who require technical skills specific to our company. The training program results are automatically entered into the personal data records of seafarers, making the management of seafarers a simpler task, wherever in the world they may be based.

  • MITSUI Training
  • The MOL MITSUI Training Centre at MANET conducts two value added courses: 

    1) Lathe and Welding Course                                                

    •  Duration: 10 Days 
    •  No. of Participants per batch: 12 
    •  Participant Details: Participants are Trainee Marine Engineer selected by MOLMI 


     a) The trainees will be familiar with all the safety precautions that are pre-requisite in handling the machine   and Welding   equipment’s. 
     b) The trainees would be proficient in carrying out different types of welding-underhand welding, vertical welding and overhead      welding.
     c) The trainees would be proficient in handling all basic Lathe machine operations.

    2) Auxiliary Engine Maintenance Course                                        

    • Duration: 8 Days 
    • No. of Participants per batch: 6 
    • Participant Details: Participants are Junior Engineer who have sailed for at least 6 months on Merchant Navy vessels. 


     a) The participants will be able to get hands-on capability to carry out routine maintenance of Auxiliary Engine. 
     b) The participants will be familiar with all the safety precautions that are pre-requisite in carrying out maintenance of Auxiliary Engine.