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February 2018

The Quiz Club

  • The Quiz Club of MITADTU
  • The Quiz Club organizes Quiz forums where twenty students having good general knowledge and keen interest in quiz contests from each institute are selected. The selected students meet every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month to participate in Quiz forums. An annual general competition at Inter-University level is also organized.

    Activities to be undertaken under the Quiz Club:-

    • Conduct a General Quiz every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month.
    • Specific theme quizzes on every special occasion.

    Functioning of the Quiz Club:-

    • The selected students of the University are eligible take part in all the quiz contests.
    • Based on the performance in the contest, points will be awarded to all participants as per the scoring scheme.
    • Additional points will be awarded to the participants who win various quiz contests at Inter-University, state or national level organized by various organizations and institutes.
    • Based on the position on the leader board, students will get the opportunity to organize the quiz.


    All quizzes will be open to selected students.

    The Mountaineering Club

  • THE Mountaineering Club
  • The club organizes regular weekend treks, to keep people in touch with nature. Treks will be organized in places like Kalsubai Shikhar, Sinhgad, Bhimashankar and Tahmini Ghat etc. The club members earn a basic mountaineering certificate.

    Activities to be undertaken under The Mountaineering Club:

    • Climbing, trekking, hill walking, mountaineering & camping

    Functioning of the Mountaineering Club:

    The club's main function is to provide

    • Formal instruction & training.
    • Transport by University buses for bunch of mountaineers
    • Tools and accessories like, maps, axes, crampons, harnesses, rope, tents and stoves


    • For selected students

    Music & Dance Club

  • Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy Mit University
  • Classical music and Dance students as well as students from various other academies can participate and organize their own shows at our Music & Dance Club, where they will gain experience of performing in front of audiences. Various singing competitions are organized, where Jury members decide on the idols of Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy .Time-to-time announcements help students to  participate in various festivals in India as well as abroad, thereby promoting their talent on the national and international platform.

    Raj Kapoor Film Forum

  • raj kapoor memorial in mit university
  • MIT Institute of Film and Television has taken initiative to establish this club. Every weekend, award winning films are showcased. Discussion forums as well as special talk shows involving film and media experts are organized, where personal experiences of the film directors, as well as people from film fraternity are shared. Every weekend, a special movie is screened that students from different streams can enjoy together.

    Functioning of the Raj Kapoor Film Forum:

    • Various Special Painting, Portrait, Art & Craft festivals are organized.
    • In future, special gallery will be organized to showcase the exclusive works of our alumni.

    News Letter:

  •  MITADTU Broadcasting and journalism
  • Twice in a year newsletter is published for the students of MIT Art, Design and Technology University. Information about various events and conferences, as well as the achievements of our talented students are published in this newsletter so that students from different fields can share their ideas thoughts and personal views. Interested candidates are requested to submit their write-up as well as articles. Selection committee will be liable to take the final decision.

    Publications Committee:

  • MIT Pune
  • The Publications Committee reviews the plans for the print and electronic publications. Committee is responsible for investigation and adjudication of conflicts regarding data ownership, authorship, and intellectual property etc.

    Functioning of the Publications Committee:

    • Encourage research and publication by providing monetary support.
    • Stimulating interest in and discussion of research ideas and methodologies.
    • Providing practical criticism of and support for research projects.
    • Promoting research and publications within the University community.


    • Anyone who is passionate about research

    Technical Committee:

  • MIT Pune
  • Fair Technika tech is a world of fun, excitement, and learning. , students make their own robots, write their own code, build their own mega structures, and do their own crazy stuff. They are free to present their own paper, and conduct seminars and workshops on current hot topics.

    Functioning of the Technical Committee:

    • Teams from various fields participate in this, irrespective of branches they are specializing in.
    • Jury members are the well-known personalities from the industry. They decide the best project and the finest winner team from the several participating teams.


    • Anyone who is passionate about research


  • MIT Pune
  • MIT Group of Institutions has been graced with the presence of esteemed sports personalities like, VVS Laxman, Vijender Singh, Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt, M. C. Mary Kom, Bhaichung Bhutia, PR Sreejesh, Irfan Pathan, Dilip Vengsarkar, Chandu Borde, Kiran More, Cheteshwar Pujara, Mithali Raj, Abhijit Kunte, Mir Ranjan Negi and Kedar Jadhav, who have motivated and inspired the youth across different arenas of sports.

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    Persona Fest-2017

  • personal fest logo
  • Persona Fest is the annual techno-cultural festival of the MIT ADT University Pune. It is a 3-day long University Fest. The word ‘Persona’ is derived from Latin, where it originally refers to a theatrical mask. At Persona Fest, we promise to showcase the entire persona of our students. The Fest is held towards the beginning of February every year. It has a footfall of over 10,000 students from various Universities & Colleges around India.

    The objective of the Persona Fest is to create an unparalleled forum for the students to test their intellectual and artistic prowess, simultaneously opening a venue for sharing mutual experience, skills and talent in the field of culture, literary and other activities on a common platform.

    The Student Forums at MIT-ADT University give our students amazing opportunities to unleash their talent outside the world of academics, as we believe in offering comprehensive education amidst a congenial and amiable atmosphere complete with top-class facilities, efficient, experienced and friendly teachers and a fun-filled learning format.

    So, be a part of MIT-ADT Students Forums. Give your passion the wings to fly. Participate and enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the festival at MIT-ADT University Pune.

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