University Emblem

In the center of the University logo, a strong Structure of dome & pillar depicts the power & importance of education in our lives. It is the central Focus of the institution. The Dome represents the Indian culture the institution follows & its aim is to stay connected with its roots. Staying true to its beliefs about education & Indian values, MIT follows customs like the Gurukul system & World Peace Prayers.The Logo Incorporated Pillars that stand for the strong education the institute provides & the support system in the lives of students. Laurel Leaves have long been a symbol of victory. They are thus a part of the University symbol portraying the spirit of winning. The color purple represents ambition & the legacy and reputation, the institute has been carrying. The color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. It is also associated with quality, prestige, value and elegance. The logo holds its essence & simplicity that helps make it easy to incorporate into any form easily. ‘Curiosity breeds knowledge ‘ Marathi Shloka Est. 2015:

The Year in which act is passed by state Govt. of Maharashtra. The Circle is a Universal symbol that represents the notion of Totality, Wholeness, Eternity and all Cyclic Movement. Thus it gives a completeness to the logo. Symbolically: Wisdom & Education comes together to form the dome of the structure.