Civil Events

Civil Engineering Events


Participants are expected to carry cellotape, fevicol glue ,BLADE/CUTTER/scissors,etc along with them Civil Engineering structural analysis and designing, environmental factors current developments of infrastructures.

Smart City

Prof. Avinash A Rakh


: This round serves as the elimination round. A Team will present  POWERPOINT PRESENTATION On SMART CITY . What they think of how the smart city should be , what are the basic amenities that are required to make a city smart and they have to explain their PPT to the jury members  . Max time for Presentation of PPT will be  7 min. Every Person in the team should be interactive and answerable to the questions asked by jury members.( they can even make model to support their PPT presentation NOT COMPULSORY) JUDGING CRITERIA: It will be judged on the basis of time , Presentation and Explanation of PPT , Appropriate Answers to the respective Questions by the jury Member.



  • The Official Language for the Event is English.
  • Event can be made individually or in group of 3 members in each group.
  • Participants have to prepare the model of smart city & have to present.
  • 10 – 15 min. for each group.
  • Explain the need of smart city.
  • Advantages & disadvantages of smart city.
  • Q. A. Session by judge.
Event Date/Time: 18 Feb. 2018 (10.00 AM), SOE Drawing Hall Ground Floor  
Model Making

Prof. Abhijeet A Galatage 


Round 1 Model Making: In this round contestants will be given a specific task which will test their time management skills and efficiency. A static Model/structure will be given which they have to make with the given materials under given conditions within given time period. Teams which won will be able to complete the task within given time period will be disqualified. Based on design, working, appearance and other tie breaking criteria few teams (approx. 4 to 6) the topper will be selected Final Round: This is a thought and design oriented round where participants are tested on their design and application skills. Here the participants will have to make a dynamic/working model according to the problem statement given. The problem statement will be given on the spot. The teams will be given 2hrs to build their models. There will be a competition amongst all the participants which will decide ultimate winner, Runner-up and third place.



  1. Model is supposed to be prepared at MITSOE within stipulated time period.
  2. Materials required will be provided to you at spot.
  3. Winning criteria will be mainly based on load carrying capacity and weight of model.
  4. Students from different institutes can form the team.
  5. Each team may consist of maximum 3 members.
Event Date/Time: 18 Feb. 2018 (10.00 AM), SOA Studio
Poster Presentation 

Prof. Gaurav D Dhadse 


Competitors are required to prepare the poster on the specified topic which is a self-explanatory one. The competitors are required to express about the new technologies which are related to topic in the posters and posters should include the review of the competitors about the technologies presented.

Topic: Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) 


Rules and Regulations:

  • The Official Language for the poster is English.
  • Poster can be made individually or in group of 3 members in each group.
  • Posters should be readable from at least 6 feet (2 meters).
  • Poster should be self-explanatory and students should be able to explain the queries made by the evaluation committee.
  • Drawing Sheet size: A1 (23x33 inches) 1” margin on all sides.
  • Suggested font sizes
  • Title: Times New Roman
  • Team member’s name, guide name: Times New Roman
  • Figure citation: Times New Roman
  • Content: Times New Roman
  • Computer graphics may be used. Use proper citation/referencing for content or images.
  • Prepare the poster on lightweight material which can be easily transported and mounted on specific places.
  • Best poster is selected based on the innovation in the topic presented by the competitors on their posters, Quality of presentation and Reviews.
Event Date/Time: 18 Feb. 2018 (10.00 AM), SOE 4th floor corridor
Innovative Solution to Civil Engg Problems
 Indivisual / Team

Prof. Rajshekar G Rathod  



  1. The Official Language for the Event is English.
  2. Event can be made individually or in group of 3 members in each group.
  3. Participants have to choose Civil Engineering problem with concern with live problem.
  4. Prepare Power point presentation & present it within 5 -10 minutes.
  5. Problem occurring - its effects on society.
  6. Solution for above problem.
  7. Cost effectiveness & liability of solutions.
  8. Q. A. Session by judge.
Event Date/Time: 18 Feb. 2018 (10.00 AM), SOE Class Room A004

  • Rs. 100/- per student per event
  • Rs. 500/- per student for 5 to 8 event
  • Rs. 1500/- per student for event T9 : Autodrift
  • Mode of payment Cash Only
  • Event A12 and D1 open for all (no registration fee)
  • All participants for Team / Individual Event should do the Registration

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