Event Schedu

Schedule of Persona Fest-2018

Event Tricks:-
Individual Event
Team Event
Individual & Team Event
Talent Hub A1, Painter’s Window
On-Line Painting Competition Exhibition
(16 Feb 2018)
A2, Persona Cut
Screening of Mock-Product Ad Films-Online (16 Feb 2018)
A3, Photography Workshop (17 Feb 2018)
A4, JalrangOn-the-spot Painting(17 Feb 2018) A5, Persona Film-makerExtempore Film Making(17 Feb 2018) A6, O’Click : ExhibitionOnline Photography Contest(popular)(17 & 18 Feb 2018)
Masti Magic A7, HasyaResha:CaricatureCaricature Competition( 17 Feb 2018) A8, Psyched Up!!On-the-spot Painting(16 Feb 2018) A9, Selfie”ishSelfie Contest(16,17,18 Feb 2018)
A10, Eater’s ParadiseGulab – Jamun Eating CompetitionFeb. 2018 A11, Mega JammMusic Band Competition(16 Feb 2018) A12, KaleidoscopeExhibition on Blend of Vedic Science & Psychology(17 Feb 2018)
A13, Street-ArtStreet Competition(18 Feb 2018) A14, GhoomarSolo Dance Competition (popular)(16 Feb 2018) A15, IntoneSolo Singing Competition (Popular)(17 Feb 2018)
A16, Persona ShowStopperFashion Show Contest(18 Feb 2018)
Cultural Events A17, NartanaSolo Dance Competition (Classical)(16 Feb 2018) A18, SaptasurSolo Singing Competition (Classical)(17 Feb 2018) A19, Persona Grata Ms.And Mr.Persona- Personality Contest (17 Feb 2018)
A20, Trance Group Dance Competition (17 Feb 2018) A21, Rang-RangeeliConventional Rangoli-Making(18 Feb 2018) A22, Portrait Rangoli-Making Contest(18 Feb 2018)
A23, Sanskar BharatiRangoli-Making Contest(18 Feb 2018)
Institute of Design D1, Naval Show 16th, 17th & 18th Feb. 2018 D2, UDAAN 16th Feb. 2018 D3, Car Pull 17th Feb. 2018
D4, Campus Katta 18th Feb. 2018
Management & Other Events M1, Best Manager 16th Feb. 2018 M2, Ad Mad Show 16th Feb. 2018 M3, Extempore 16th Feb. 2018
M4, Quiz “B” 16th Feb. 2018 M5, Business Plan 17th Feb. 2018 M6, Box Cricket 17th Feb. 2018
M7, Treasure Hunt 16th Feb. 2018 M8, Case Mania 17th Feb. 2018
Electronics Engineering T1, Game of Drones 16th Feb. 2018 T2, 4 X 4 Road Rally Race 16th Feb. 2018 T3, Innovative Technical Idea 16th Feb. 2018
T4, Project Competition 16th Feb. 2018
Civil Engineering T5, Poster Presentation 18th Feb. 2018 T6, Innovative Solutions to Civil Engineering Problems 18th Feb. 2018 T7, Model Making 18th Feb. 2018
T8, Smart City 18th Feb. 2018
Mechanical Engineering & Aerospace Engineering T9, Autodrift 17th & 18th Feb. 2018 T10, Rocket Launcher 18th Feb. 2018 T11, Contraption 18th Feb. 2018
T12, Robo Race 18th Feb. 2018 T13, CAD War 18th Feb. 2018 T14, Quiz Competition 18th Feb. 2018
Computer & IT Engineering T15, Hackathon Apps 16th & 17th Feb. 2018 T16, Hackathon loT 16th & 17th Feb. 2018 T17, Java Coding 18th Feb. 2018
T18, Ckt branch Quiz 16th Feb. 2018 T19, Gaming(NFS,CS,FIFA) 16th & 17th Feb. 2018 T20, Black out Coding 18th Feb. 2018
Food Technology T21, Innovative food product contest 17th & 17th Feb. 2018 T22, Food Quiz Clash contest17th Feb. 2018 T23, Model making contest 17th Feb. 2018
T24, Food Business plan contest 17th Feb. 2018 T25, Video making competition 17th Feb. 2018

  • Rs. 100/- per student per event
  • Rs. 500/- per student for 5 to 8 event
  • Rs. 1500/- per student for event T9 : Autodrift
  • Mode of payment Cash Only
  • Event A12 and D1 open for all (no registration fee)
  • All participants for Team / Individual Event should do the Registration

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