Mechanical E

Mechanical Engineering Events

Date/Time 18th Feb, 9 am onwards Venue Class Room No. 20 & 21, Ground Floor, MITSOE
Event Coordinators
Prof. A. D. Sathe +91 - 9890465460
Prof. Suraj Bhoyar +91 - 9028483286
Student Coordinators Nehal Gandhi -- +91 - 9527799244
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Date/Time 18th Feb, 9 am onwards Venue

MIT SOE 1st Flr

Open space

Event Coordinators
Prof. P. P. Patunkar, +91 - 8308844588
Prof. S. U. Shinde +91 - 7722074745
Activity Details

Roborace is the motorsport championship with driving electrical vehicles.

All teams will have equal cars,

but will have to develop their own real-time computing algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies

Date/Time 17th & 18th Feb, 9 am onwards Venue MIT SOE Bus Parking Area
Event Coordinators
Prof. S. S. Ohol +91 - 9850910072
Prof. A. S. Ugale +91 - 9422328949
Activity Details

To Design the fastest and the shrewdest IC engine car to race through the roughest arena.

  1. There will be a team of two members.
  2. First round will be elimination round in which each team will be asked to complete 2 laps of track and best time among them will be considered. Based upon best lap times, relative ranking of teams will be done.
  3. In second round, one on one match between first and last, second and second last and so on were played. Each match will be of 3 laps. Teams completing the laps in less time will move for semifinals
  4. In semifinal, again one on one matches will be played and less time winners will move to final round.
  5. In final round teams were asked to have 5 laps match and timing will be winning criterion.
Rocket Launcher
Date/Time 18th Feb, 9 am onwards Venue MANET Lawn
Event Coordinators
Prof. S. G. Thorat +91 - 9890732176
Prof. M. M. Kulkarni +91 - 8421329375
Activity Details

Design water bottle as 'Rocket'. Use only Coca Cola or Pepsi 1 or 2 Ltr bottle.

There will be two rounds. Top six from first round will be eligible for second round.

Rocket thrown for longest distance will be the winner

Date/Time 18th Feb, 9 am onwards Venue MIT SOE 4th Flr Comp Lab
Event Coordinators
Prof. Anurag Nema +91 - 9372505759
Prof. N. S. Patel +91 - 9960698972
Activity Details

Round 1:- (Solid Modeling)
 In this the participants have to create 3D SOLID CAD MODEL with the help of given 2D sketches (drafting).


 Round 2:- (Assembly Modeling)
-Participants have to design 3D models by 2D  sketches.
-They have to create the assembly in minimum time.
-They have to create the bill of materials.
-They have to save copy of each assembly part in both .prt and .stl file format.

Quize Competetion
Date/Time 18th Feb, 9 am onwards Venue MIT SOE 4th A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Hall
Event Coordinators
Prof. Sujit Phunde +91 - 9909021611
Prof. Archana Nema +91 - 9326694247
Activity Details Technical, General Knowledge, Current Affairs.
2 person / Team. Only team entries and not individuals, are eligible.
Written test will be taken

  • Rs. 100/- per student per event
  • Rs. 500/- per student for 5 to 8 event
  • Rs. 1500/- per student for event T9 : Autodrift
  • Mode of payment Cash Only
  • Event A12 and D1 open for all (no registration fee)
  • All participants for Team / Individual Event should do the Registration

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